MDC 1305 - BULK CARRIER, 8.700 DWT

General Description

MDC 1305 is a single screw Bulk Carrier with two box-shaped cargo holds of open hatch type, designed for short sea / coastal trade, carrying dry bulk and general cargo, grain, stone products, aggregates and lumber in hold and on hatch covers.

Double bottom / sides are arranged throughout the cargo area and in way of all fuel tanks.

The vessel has a new developed hullform, with low resistance and improved propulsive efficiency, a small environmental footprint, low running costs and ease of building.

Main Particulars
Length overall
Length betw perp
Breadth, mld.
Depth, main deck
Draught, design

109,95 m
108,20 m
18,40 m
10,25 m
7,10 m
Deadweight and cargo capacity
Deadweight, design
Cargo hold capacity, grain

8.700 tonnes
13.200 m3
Trial speed
Service speed

12,5 knots
12,0 knots
Cruising Range and fuel consumption
Cruising range in service condition
Fuel consumption

5.000 nm / 20 days
7,4 t/d
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MDC 1305

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